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A real-time data-based service specifically developed for bus and coach operation, providing detailed information on every vehicle. Fuel consumption, emissions, driving profile, all kinds of technical alerts and events as well as positioning data are presented in clear and concise reports. The service is accessed via a user-friendly web-based toolbox.

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Fleet Management keeps track of several dynamic parameters, technical events and geographical position. Data is captured from the on-board network and transmitted via GPRS. The information is stored in a database which is securely accessed over the Internet. For the operator the system is entirely web-based.


The information is compiled in several ways. The reports allow you to follow up each vehicle’s performance in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions, idling time, revving, speed and acceleration. The reports can clearly point out connections between driving style and fuel consumption as well as vehicle wear.

Driving profile

Driving behaviour is perhaps the single largest factor affecting passenger comfort as well as fuel consumption. By following up specific parameters it is possible to identify need for training and potential areas of improvement. Please note that follow-up of individual drivers may be restricted by regulations on pro-tection of personal integrity.

Alerts and events

In order to monitor how a vehicle is used, technical events are very valuable indicators. Temperature warnings, number of door openings and various types of alerts can provide statistics leading to identification of systematic and recurring problems.


The GPS data gives traffic control continuous information on every vehicle’s position. Delays and deviations from the route are easily observed as well as compliance with schedules.

System requirements

Fleet Management can be installed in all Volvo buses and coaches equipped with BEA2 and in any vehicle with an FMS gateway. The user interface is web-based and each customer subscribes individually to the services needed.

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Volvo Bus Vehicle Management lets you give each vehicle an individual service and maintenance plan for maximum uptime and cost efficiency.

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